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Karen Bingel

HIM and HCM Researchers:

Laura Siklossy

Researchers interested in visits related to HIM Trimester programs please visit

Researchers interested in visits at the mathematical institutes and/or HCM please contact individual professors.

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Administrative support

For international students and guest researchers.

International students
  • We will send you guidelines to your first steps in Bonn and assist you in planning your journey.
  • We will help in finding accomodation.
  • We will pick you up at the railway or bus-station and take you to your room.
  • We will personally accompany you through the administrative procedures:
  1. Signing your rental agreement
  2. Registering with the city
  3. Opening a bank account
  4. Enrolling with a health insurance
  5. Registration procedures at the university

BIGS arranges for crash-courses in German and the university offers intensive German courses for Master and PhD students.

We are also your partners in finding solutions for day-to-day questions you might have, such as dealing with the authorities, finding an English speaking doctor and other general information. We can help in finding second hand stores or specialty food shops and much more.....

International guest researcher at HIM and HCM

To improve our guests' chances of finding suitable accommodation at reasonable prices, HIM manages a pool of centrally located furnished apartments of differing sizes. The rents include all extra costs e.g. for water, electricity, heating, etc. Only telephone calls will be charged separately. Guests include primarily Hausdorff Trimester Program participants as well as guests from the HCM Research Areas.

HIM building, specifically for HIM trimester program guests
  • an attractive building with optimal working conditions
  • quiet, relaxed, home atmosphere devoted to individual / collaborative work
  • individual offices, group offices
  • 20 inch monitors at all desks
  • technical support on site
  • blackboards (many multi-panel) in all rooms, even in the garden
  • daily tea with cake at 4 p.m.
  • piano on site, impromptu house concerts / jam sessions encouraged
  • bicycle pool for long-term guests
  • laundry facilities in the Institute (work while you wash)
  • central location with easy access to restaurants and shops
  • close vicinity to the Mathematics Center and the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics
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