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High honor for Gerd Faltings

Press release of the University from February 09, 2017

High honor for Gerd Faltings

Gerd Faltings (photo: Frank Homann/Uni Bonn)

Gerd Faltings is receiving the Cantor medal of the German Mathematical Society (Deutsche Mathematiker-Vereinigung, DMV) for his outstanding scientific achievements over many years.


Prof. Dr. Faltings is a director at the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in Bonn and member of the Hausdorff Center for Mathematics, which is the excellence cluster for mathematics and theoretical economics at the University of Bonn. He is the only German mathematician who was awarded the Fields Medal, the highest distinction in mathematics.


The Cantor medal is the highest scientific award conferred by the DMV. The prize is endowed with 4,000 euros, but the reputation is what counts. Faltings work revolutionized the algebraic geometry and spread out to other areas of mathematics, for example number theory. Faltings was already well-known internationally in 1983, when the 28-year-old professor of mathematics at the University of Wuppertal proved the “Mordell Conjecture”, a milestone for an unsolved problem formulated by the American-British mathematician Louis Joel Mordell in 1922. With the Cantor medal, the DMV honors Gerd Faltings’ lifetime achievements. The medal is presented at the annual meeting of the DMV, which takes place this year from September 11 to 15 and is held together with the Austrian Mathematical Society (ÖMG) in Salzburg (Austria).


Further information (in German) is available here.

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