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Studying Mathematics at Bonn University

RubrikThe University of Bonn is recommended in the "Best Global Universities Ranking" as the best place in Germany to study mathematics, and it has been awarded the only Cluster of Excellence in mathematics.

Bonn University is the place of choice for students supported by the prestigious "Studienstiftung" (which awards scholarships to 0.5% of the best students at German universities) and for the winners of national and international mathematics competitions - no other department attracts as many students from this group of talented young people. Many promising mathematics students move from other universities to Bonn during their first years of study or later for PhD studies.

The huge variety of courses and seminars offered at all levels is one reason for Bonn’s attractivity. The more advanced courses are constantly adapted to reflect current trends in research. There is also a broad spectrum of study projects for Bachelor or Master students and demanding research projects for PhD students. We can offer a very ambitious programme because there is a large number of enthusiastic students. There is also a variety of funding opportunities and teaching assistantships for PhD students.

Study counselling

We wish to support you in each phase of your studies! Read More...

Early study (FFF)

"Fördern, Fordern, Forschen" (Support, challenge, research) - the mathematics program for early students. Read More...


The Bachelor programme "Mathematik" is devised as a three year study course leading to a first degree. Read More...


The Master programme Mathematics is a two year study course following a first degree (e.g. Bachelor Mathematik). Read More...


The diploma programme is expiring as it has been replaced by the Bachelor and Master programmes as of 2007. Read More...


Beginning with the winter term 2011/12 Bonn University has re-introduced study programmes in education. Read More...


In the PhD Programme the doctoral student will work under the supervision of a professor on a research project leading to a PhD Thesis as an independent piece of research. Read More...

Study abroad

Interested in visiting Bonn as an exchange student or, as a student in Bonn, in studying abroad? Read More...


Looking for job opportunities or career talks?


Contact us for further information on and support during your studies in Bonn. Read More...


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