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Examination committee

Bachelor Mathematik and Master Mathematics

Examination Committee
(State October 2022)

  • Prof. Dr. Herbert Koch (Chairman)
  • Prof. Dr. Jan Schröer
  • Prof. Dr. Stefan Hougardy
  • Prof. Dr. Matthias Lesch
  • Prof. Dr. Carsten Burstedde 
  • Prof. Dr. Andreas Eberle
  • Dr. Thoralf Räsch (representing the scientific staff)
  • Marena Richter (representing the students of the Master study program in Mathematics)
  • Lorenzo Conti (representing the students of the Bachelor study program in Mathematics)

Contact via bama(at)

Area Representatives for Teaching

  • Area A: Algebra, Number Theory, and Logic - Prof. Dr. Jan Schröer
  • Area B: Analysis and Differential Equations - Prof. Dr. Juan Velázquez
  • Area C: Discrete Mathematics - Prof. Dr. Stefan Hougardy
  • Area D: Geometry and Topology - Prof. Dr. Matthias Lesch
  • Area E: Numerical Mathematics and Scientific Computing - Prof. Dr.  Joscha Gedicke
  • Area F: Probability and Stochastic Analysis - Prof. Dr. Andreas Eberle
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