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International applicants

You are an international applicant if your first academic degree was NOT completed in Germany.

Admission requirements

To be admitted to our Master's program in Mathematics, you have to:

  • hold a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics or an equivalent degree with good grades (comparable to the German grade 2.5 or better)

  • prove that you earned 120 ECTS credit points from mathematical modules in this Bachelor's program and

  • prove your knowledge in the English language.

Non-EU applicants

For non-EU applicants the Master Selection Committee has to check the program-related preparation for our Master's program.

On the basis of the application documents, it is examined which level of education in Mathematics was achieved with the undergraduate degree. In particular, it is checked whether the applicant has the knowledge required for successful studies in our consecutive Master's program in Mathematics in the areas listed below:

  • Analysis
  • Linear Algebra
  • Basic knowledge of numerical mathematics, probability theory and discrete mathematics
  • Advanced knowledge in at least one of the following areas:
    - Algebra, Number Theory, and Logic
    - Analysis and Differential Equations
    - Discrete Mathematics
    - Geometry and Topology
    - Numerical Mathematics and Scientific Computing
    - Probability Theory and Stochastic Analysis.

The benchmark is the level of knowledge attained in the Bachelor's program Mathematics at the University of Bonn by the end of the 5th semester, as described in the standard course content of our Bachelor's program. In some cases, applicants can be invited for a qualifying test.

Required attachments

    Application is only possible via the online application portal for graduate programs at the University of Bonn, please see Online application.

    All required documents have to be submitted in the upload area of the online application portal as PDF-files. Other formats are not accepted. 

    If you are not an EU citizen, check if you meet the visa requirements. Students from most countries outside the European Union will have to apply for a visa to study in Germany. The details must be obtained from the German Embassy or a German Consulate in your home country. Please do this before you send the application.

    The required attachments are:

    1. Curriculum vitae (CV) with photo
      Please include in tabular form (in a table rather than a prose text) a description of your high school education and your undergraduate education, as well as your academic and non-academic activities. Please include a photo in your CV. 
    2. Degrees and academic records
      Please send us scans of your academic degrees and the transcripts of the courses, including marks or grades.
      The online application portal for graduate programs asks you to provide documents in German or English only. Please note that we also accept documents in Dutch, French, Italian, or Spanish.
      If there is no transcript provided by the institution you received your degree from, make a detailed list of all courses and seminars you have attended. Please include detailed course descriptions for the courses you took.
    3. Statement of purpose
      Please write a short statement giving the reasons you wish to enrol in the Master's program and why you are applying at our university. State in which field of mathematics your main interest lies, and describe your background in this field. State if you know or are in contact with a member of our faculty.
    4. Proficiency in English

      Please include evidence of your proficiency in English which may be done by one of the following:

      • Results of a test (TOEFL, IELTS or similar);
        Our requirement for the TOEFL is 550 points (written test) or 79 points (internet-based test). To have your TOEFL score sent directly to our department, please use the institution code 5177.
        Our requirement for IELTS is a score of 6.0 or better.
      • Proof of other successfully completed English language courses;
      • Proof that the language of instruction in your Bachelor's program was English .

      If English is your mother tongue then of course no proof is necessary.

    5. Letter of recommendation
      We need one letter of recommendation for international applicants. Your recommender will be contacted automatically by the system. Please be very attentive when entering the recommender's e-mail address so that the system will be able to successfully contact them.
    6. Examples of academic work
      If available, please send us examples of your academic work such as a bachelor thesis or published work. If this work is not written in German or English, please provide an English summary.
    7. GRE Subject Test in Mathematics
      We recommend applicants with a non-European Bachelor of Mathematics and applicants with a bachelor degree in another subject to take the GRE Subject Test in Mathematics before applying to our programme. To have your GRE Subject Test result sent directly to our office, please use the Designated Institution Code 6301.
    Further notes
    • Eligibility: As our master program is a research oriented ambitious program only students with a first degree in Mathematics or a closely related subject can be admitted, and applicants have to prove 120 ECTS from mathematical modules. The master selection committee will check if you learnt enough mathematics to succeed in our advanced master program. There is no point in applying if your degree is in Physics, Computer Science, Economics or Engineering.

    • Funding: We have no tuition fees, but we also have no funding. Admission is NOT automatically connected to funding, and we do not pay any living expenses or the like. Therefore you are supposed to look for funding yourself. The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) maintains a good website listing their own and other funding opportunities:

    • Accomodation: After your admission to our program, we can assist you in finding a room in a student dorm. This will be arranged after you decide to join our program.

    We are looking forward to receiving your application!

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