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On these pages you will find important and detailed information about the course of studies and on how exams are held. For the examination regulations of the Master study program Mathematics please see "Documents".

Academic mentoring program

As a Master student you are assigned to an academic mentor upon admission to the program. Your mentor will help you to design your optimal study plan. One individual counselling with your mentor is obligatory.

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Master examination

Every student enrolled in the Master's program in mathematics is obliged to complete the registration for the Master examination in the first semester in Bonn.

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Foundation and additional modules

Foundations are introductory lecture courses. Additonal modules can be used to cover different contents under the same module code.

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Graduate course modules

This site offers information about registration and examination of graduate course modules.

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Graduate seminar modules

In a graduate seminar a mathematical topic is taught via talks prepared and held by the participating students.

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Practical training course modules

There are several choices for a practical training course. Every practical teaching course is graded by an examiner.

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What to do in case of illness?

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Failed examinations

When are courses or even the Master examination failed?

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Master's Thesis

Typically, the topic for the Master's Thesis is issued around the end of the second semester.

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Secondary subject

A secondary subject is optional. When you decide upon a secondary subject you can select among the Master modules of the respective study program.

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Final certificate

After having finished your studies and passed your Master examination, please direct a request for your certificate to the Bachelor-Master-Office.

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