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Final certificate

After having finished your studies and passed your Master examination, please direct a request for your certificate to the Bachelor-Master-Office.
Passing the Master examination

Your Master examination is passed as soon as you 

  • have passed the Master's Thesis and the Master's Thesis seminar,

  • have earned 120 credit points (CP), subject to the conditions that:

  • min. 48 CP stem from lecture courses (graduate courses including foundation courses)
  • 23, 16, 9 CP stem from three different areas A to F
  • min. 12 CP stem from graduate seminars
  • max. 24 CP stem from practical training courses or a secondary subject,
  • up to 6 of these CP may alternatively stem from other Master's programs in Bonn.
Request for issue of the final certificate

As soon as your Master examination is passed, in particular as soon as all relevant grades have been issued, please request your certificate using the respective form (stating the rules of the examination regulations that apply for you). Please fill in all the modules that you wish to use towards your Master degree, i.e. which will be used to calculate your final grade.

Final grade

Your final grade will be the weighed (by CP) mean value of the grades that constitute your Master degree. Only the first position after the decimal point will be regarded, all other places will be cut off without any rounding. Please note that intermediate grades calculated by BASIS may be incorrect.

Supplementary modules

You may specify supplementary modules that will appear on your certificate but will not be used to calculate your final grade. This makes sense if you earned more than the required modules.

Request and issue

Please turn in the filled form at the Bachelor-Master-Office. Should you need assistance filling out the form, please use our office hours for study organisation. Your certificate will then typically be issued within a month's time. You will receive an e-mail when the certificate is ready to be picked up by you or an authorised person. Due to safety concerns, we do not send certificates by mail.

End of the Master studies ("Exmatrikulation")

Your Master studies at Bonn University are finished when

  • you have successfully completed all examinations which are necessary for your degree (see above), including the Master's Thesis Seminar, and

  • you have handed in your (successful) Master's Thesis.

After that you may ask for your exmatriculation at the "Studentensekretariat".

Please note:

You do not need to be enrolled while you are only waiting for grades to be obtained. The date of your graduation is the date of your last exam or of the submission of your Master's thesis.

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