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Foundation and additional modules

Foundations are introductory lecture courses. Additonal modules can be used to cover different contents under the same module code.
Foundation modules

Foundation modules are introductory lecture course modules which can also be attended already in the third year of our Bachelor's program. Therefore they may be offered in German although mostly they are held in English.

If you want to gain knowledge in a field of mathematics which is rather new for you, we recommend that you start with a foundation module, and then attend advanced Master lecture courses afterwards. Please note that you may only choose foundation courses that were not completed and credited during your Bachelor studies.

For each of our six areas there is exactly one foundation module, and this module contributes to the respective area. It can be filled by several lectures, please check the module handbook for the list of selectable lectures.

You are allowed to do exams in different foundation lectures of the same area X before choosing which one of them shall fill your foundation module in X. That means, the assignment of the lecture to the module is allowed to be postponed until you are ready to request your final certificate. Please be aware that you can use only one of the foundation lectures of a given area for your Master's degree!

You can register for an exam in a foundation lecture via BASIS, in the same way as for any lecture course examination.

Additional modules

In our module handbook, you will find three additional modules:

  • Additional Graduate Seminar (F5X1)

  • Additional Advanced Topics (F5X2)

  • Additional Selected Topics (F5X3).

That means that if you have already passed a certain advanced topics, selected topics, or graduate seminar module, and you wish to register for another course or seminar which is offered under the same module code but with different contents, then you may use the respective additional module in order to register for this course or seminar and to earn credits a second time. 

This is possible once in each category (graduate seminar, advanced topics, selected topics).

You may also use F5X2 or F5X3 for a second 9-CP lecture, however only 7 resp. 5 CP will be awarded.

  • For a foundation module please register online via BASIS (see above).

    You can only choose courses that were not passed and credited during your Bachelor studies.

  • For an additional module please fill in the application form and hand it in at the Bachelor-Master Office before the deadline (see calendar).

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