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Graduate course modules

This site offers information about registration and examination of graduate course modules.
Notice of the Examination Committee

According to § 11 (6) of the examination regulations, the Examination Committee informs all Master students that in all lecture courses with problem sessions, students have to successfully work on the exercises set in the problem sessions, in order to be admitted to the module examination.

Module examinations

A module examination of a lecture course consists of two exam attempts. Therefore, for each lecture course there will be two exam dates per semester. The first exam date is close to the end of the lecture period, the second close to the end of the term. The teacher of the lecture course will announce in which form (written or oral) the exams are held. A schedule of the exams can be found before the beginning of the registration period in the calendar.

Your registration on BASIS is for the complete module examination. That means you are expected to attend the first exam. Only if the first exam is failed, you will be admitted to and automatically registered for the second exam. The lecture module examination is passed if you pass either of these exams. It is not possible to register separately for the second exam (nor is it possible to deregister from the automatic registration for the second exam, see below).

The exam results are typically announced (in BASIS only!) within four weeks after the exam. An exam that is passed cannot be repeated.

In case of illness, you have to report sick to the Bachelor-Master Office before or at the day of the exam. A medical certificate is required to be turned in within a week.

If an exam is missed without prior proper deregistration from the module examination or report of illness, the exam is failed.

If a lecture course module has problem sessions (exercises), and if you have passed them once, you do not need to pass them again. This does not depend on whether you try the exam in the semester in which you passed them or not. The admission to the exam will be preserved, and you can take the exam in any later semester when it is offered again.


As a Master student, you may only take a graduate course module examination after registering in due time. Please register for module examinations during the registration period given in the calendar. The registrations need to be made using the internet platform BASIS.


  • The exam dates are only indicated on BASIS for written exams. For oral exams you arrange a personal exam date and time with your teacher, therefore oral exams do not show any date on BASIS. The correct dates and periods for oral exams can be found in the calendar and on the bulletin board in front of the Bachelor-Master Office.

  • Your registration on BASIS is conditional: You still have to fulfill the requirements for each examination as listed in the module handbook. For courses with problem classes, registrations are only valid subject to the condition that you earn a 'pass' in the problem classes. If you have not passed the problem sessions yet (in some earlier term), then a registration for them will be generated automatically, overnight. Please check if this has happened on the follwoing day.

  • Please note: In order to be admitted to the exam of a lecture course module it is obligatory that you register for the 1st examination date! Please see "Module examinations" above.

  • Before you can register online for a module examination, it is necessary to complete the registration for the Master examination.

Registration check

In the beginning of January and in mid June the registration check takes place. On  this day the registrations you made on BASIS will be put up in print in front of the Bachelor-Master Office. This is the last chance to double-check your registrations on- and offline and make corrections. After that the data will  be processed further, so no late registrations are possible after the registration check.

All students who fulfil the requirements and have passed the problem sessions (if applicable) and therefore are definitely registered for the exam will see this on BASIS . If the lecture course has problem sessions and they are not passed, then your registration for the exam will be deleted. Therefore please check your study account on BASIS carefully!


Deregistration from an exam also relates to the whole module examination, so that you will not be allowed to attend the first nor the second exam date. It is possible to deregister from a graduate course module examination up to one week before the actual date of the first exam.

Please try first to deregister via BASIS. For written exams this is possible up to the last day the deregistration is still allowed, for oral exams it is usually possible until two weeks before the end of the lecture period.

After these dates, you can deregister by turning in the deregistration form at the Bachelor-Master Office before the one-week deadline. Deregistration via e-mail is not possible.

If you do not fulfill the preconditions for an exam (i.e. you did not pass the problem sessions) then there is no need to deregister. In this case we will delete your exam registration.

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