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Graduate seminar modules

In a graduate seminar a mathematical topic is taught via talks prepared and held by the participating students.

The teacher or one of his assistants will provide help with the preparation of the talk. The seminar talk is part of the module examination. The complete content of the module examination is defined by the examiner at the preparatory meeting.

Notice of the Examination Committee

In the graduate seminars the scientific discourse is practised. According to § 11 (6) of the examination regulations, the Examination Committee announces that there is compulsory attendace in all graduate seminar modules.

Preparatory meeting

If you are interested in a graduate seminar in the next term, make sure to attend the preparatory meeting at the end of the current term. This is where the different topics for talks are presented and allocated.


In order to register for a graduate seminar you need to sign your name on the list of registrations after you have fixed the topic for your talk with the teacher. This is normally done in the preparatory meeting, and the teacher will confirm the list with his/her signature. Please note that your signature on this list is binding for attending the seminar and giving your assigned talk.

After that you need to register technically for the seminar via BASIS. The deadlines for this registration will be  in October (winter term) and in April (summer term). For the exact dates please see our calendar.

Once registered, it is not possible to deregister from graduate seminar module examinations.

In case of illness you have to report sick to the Bachelor-Master Office before or at the day of your talk. A medical certificate is required to be turned in within a week.

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