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What to do in case of illness?
Reporting sick

If you are ill at the day of an examination (lecture course exam, seminar talk, etc.), you need to report sick to the Bachelor-Master Office before or at the day of the examination, if possible via e-mail. A medical certificate is required to be turned in within a week.

Important: Due tu §63 (7) HG NRW we can only accept medical certificates which explicitely state that you are unable to take an exam ("ärztliche Bescheinigung über das Bestehen der Prüfungsunfähigkeit"). The certificate of incapacity for work (usual yellow document) can only be accepted if it contains the doctor's statement about the inability to do an exam.

You can use our form for a certificate of incapacity.

It is sufficient if you send us the original medical certificate with the signature as scan. In this case you do not need to also turn in the original document.

Repeating an exam in case of illness

If you were sick on the first examination date , we will register you for the second exam date and you will take the exam at that time.

If you were sick on the second examination date, we will normally not offer a third exam date. Instead, you can complete the module examination in a later semester. However, this also means that you are not entitled to another timely exam attempt.

However, in some cases, especially for examinations relevant to the degree, it is desirable to make it possible to complete the module examination in a timely manner. Therefore, a third examination date may be held if the examiner and examinee mutually agree. 

If you wish to have such an opportunity please proceed as follows:

  • Obtain the consent of the examiner.

  • Submit a request for a third examination date in writing and informally to the Bachelor-Master Office Mathematics. This should include confirmation that the examiner agrees with your request.

  • This request must be received by the Bachelor-Master Office no later than two weeks after you have been notified of the result of the second examination date.

  • Then, together with the examiner, a timely date for the re-examination will be set.

Please note:
If a module examination is not completed in one semester due to illness, it is up to you to decide whether or not to register once again for this module exam in a following semester.

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