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Master's Thesis

Typically, the topic for the Master's Thesis is issued around the end of the second semester.

Please note: If you want to apply at BIGS for a PhD position, the beginning of the third master term is the right time to inform yourself about the application process at

Notice of the Examination Committee

The Examination Committee of Mathematics has compiled the requirements for Master's theses as well as some evaluation criteria. Please read this document carefully before you register your Master's thesis, because on the registration form you confirm with your signature that you have taken note of the requirements from the document.


The total workload for the preparation of the Master's thesis amounts to approximately 900 hours and is rated with 30 CP. The timespan in which the Master's thesis has to be completed is 12 months. Typically, you will start your Master's thesis at the end of the second semester.

The text part of the Master's thesis must be between 10 and 100 pages. Deviations from this extent require the approval of the Examination Committee. In this case, please obtain the agreement of your two supervisors and then submit an application by e-mail to the Bachelor-Master Office.


The registration form contains the topic for the Master's Thesis. Please make sure that you note the requirements for Master's theses (see above). The form needs to be signed both by you and the Master's Thesis supervisor. The submission deadline is set at 12 months after the date of the supervisor's signature.

Please note that the Master's Thesis needs to be registered without delay after the topic has been fixed. The registration form is to be handed in at the Bachelor-Master Office within four weeks after the supervisor has signed it.


The language of the Master's study program is English. If you wish to write your Master's thesis in German then please

  • ask your advisor for his/her approval
  • include a summary of your thesis in English.
Title page

The title page of your Master's Thesis must be jointly agreed upon with your supervisor. In particular, you need to make sure that you name the correct institute which your supervisor belongs to.

Please use the following template for the title page of your Master's Thesis (LaTeX).


Please turn in your Master's Thesis at the Bachelor-Master Office in paper form (electronic submission will not be accepted)

  • in four copies
    The examination regulations mention three copies but we kindly ask you to hand in a fourth which will be available for future reference in our library. Thank you!
  • printed on DIN A4, double-sided,
  • with front page and
  • with adhesive binding (no spiral binding, please!).
  • If programming code or the like is part of the thesis then each copy of the thesis needs to include the code on a compact disk or a flat USB stick. So in this case you need four CDs or four sticks  (no sending by e-mail). Please glue one CD or stick onto the last page of each copy.

Upon submission a declaration has to be made that the Master's Thesis was composed independently, that no resources other than the declared ones have been used, and that citations are indicated clearly. The declaration has to be printed only once and is not part of the thesis.

You can either hand in the thesis in person or send it by ordinary mail to the Bachelor-Master office. In the latter case the date of the postmark is decisive for the submission.


The deadline for submitting the Master's Thesis is strict. If you hand in your Master's Thesis after the deadline it will be failed.

Please note that you are yourself responsible for meeting the deadline! Your advisor will not necessarily be aware of your deadline, nor will they be able to extend it for you since it has been fixed by the Examination Committee.

In case of illness the deadline can be extended up to six weeks. Please hand in a doctor's note at the Bachelor-Master Office, stating the extent to which you were unable to work on your thesis (full time, half time, or the like.) as well as the duration of the impediment. If suited you can use our certificate of incapacity.

Important: If you plan to take up a PhD study or if you wish to leave Bonn University at the end of a certain semester you should make sure that you hand in your Master's Thesis early enough! However, the grades can be given later, please see "Exmatriculation".


The Master's Thesis is graded by two examiners, one of them is your supervisor. You have to recommend a second examiner at the time you submit your thesis. That means you are responsible for finding a second examiner and have to provide the name on the title page of your master thesis (see template for the title page). Upon request, your supervisor can help you to find a second examiner.

Normally you will be informed of your Master's Thesis' grade within eight weeks after submission.

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