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Practical training course modules

There are several choices for a practical training course. Every practical teaching course is graded by an examiner.

You can choose among the following:

  • Practical teaching course
  • External internship
  • Practical project in mathematical logic
  • Combinatorial algorithms
  • Algorithms for chip design
  • Practical lab numerical simulation
Notice of the Examination Committee

According to § 6 (9) of the examination regulations, the Examination Committee informs all Master students that the modules P4G1 (Practical teaching course) and P4G2 (External internship) can only be taken by students enrolled in the Master study program. The modules "Tutorenpraktikum" or "Industriepraktikum" passed during the Bachelor study program cannot be credited for the Master studies.

Practical teaching course

In a practical teaching course you will teach/tutor a problem class associated with a Mathematics lecture (see also the module handbook).


  • Solid knowledge in the field that you wish to teach,
  • a tutorial contract with one of the Mathematics institutes (MI, IAM, INS, DM) or with another department. In the latter case you need the approval of the practical training coordinator, Dr. B. Doerffel.
  • Successful application for a tutorial contract,
  • exam registration in due time via BASIS (see Calendar),
  • the examiner for the practical training course module is the teacher of the lecture your tutorial is associated with, or the practical training coordinator if the lecture comes from another department.
  • Deregistration is not possible.
  • Teaching your class (preparing and tutoring the sessions, marking the submitted problems/exercises, helping with written examinations, ...),,
  • your examiner will visit your tutorial and evaluate your teaching,
  • The following was added/changed in the examination regulations as from the summer terrm 2020:

    You produce a portfolio in which you reflect upon your didactic work in the tutorial. You can find detailed informationen on how to devise a portfolio in the templates
        1) for tutorials including the correction of students' homework
            (PDF-version / TEX-version)
        2) and for in-class tutorials (PDF-version / TEX-version).
    In case 1) you will need to include an example of a student's homework into your portfolio. Please let the respective student sign the consent form.
    You can direct any questions concerning your individual portfolio to your examiner.
    The portfolio needs to be submitted to your teacher until the end of the term, i.e. until 31 March in the winter term and until 30 September in the summer term.


  • Your teaching course will be graded based on the examiner's evaluation of your tutorial and your portfolio.

If you are interested in a tutorial contract please contact either the respective institute or the practical training coordinator, Dr. B. Doerffel.

External internship

For this module you will have to find an internship opportunity and an examiner on your own.

Possible sectors are:
Insurance or finance companies, auditors, energy providers, telecommunication services, consultants, IT development, industrial research, engineering, ...

The duration of the internship is required to be at least six weeks full-time, or the equivalent in part-time.

When you have found an opportunity in a company or institution, you need to find a mathematical examiner who agrees with your project. Possible examiners are the practical training coordinator Carsten Rezny or every professor of Mathematics in Bonn. 

Together with the examiner please fill in the registration form and make sure that the Bachelor-Master-Office receives it well before the internship starts. The registration can be forwarded anytime, given that your examiner agrees.

Deregistration is not possible.

For successfully completing your internship you need to have a supervisor in the company who fills in our evaluation form. After having finished the internship you are expectd to write a report (about 8 pages) and give a presentation (15 to 20 minutes) for your mathematical examiner.

Based on this report and presentation, as well as the evaluation of your supervisor, your mathematical examiner will grade the external internship.

If you are interested in doing an external internship you are welcome to contact the training coordinator.

Programming trainings

For the courses

  • Practical project in mathematical logic
  • Combinatorial algorithms
  • Algorithms for chip design
  • Practical lab numerical simulation

the examiner is the respective teacher. Please make sure to attend the preparatory meetings. You will need to register via BASIS in the indicated period, see our calendar.

Deregistration is not possible.

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