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Secondary subject

A secondary subject is optional. When you decide upon a secondary subject you can select among the Master modules of the respective study program.

Our standard secondary subjects are Computer Science, Physics, and Economics. Other secondary subjects may be approved upon request.

For each of the standard secondary subjects you will find the list of selectable modules in the examination tree in BASIS. If you do not find your desired module there then please turn to the Bachelor-Master Office. Sometimes new modules can be added, but certain modules are deliberately excluded because they overlap too much with Mathematics modules.

Your first exam registration defines your secondary subject. CP earned in a secondary subject are counted among the optional credit points. Up to 24 CP can be collected but there is no minimum requirement.

Please note that the registration deadlines for exams will be different from our deadlines and that you have to look these up in the documents below and on the websites of the respective examination offices!

Computer science and physics

Please take care of the registration deadlines of the respective departments which differ from those of Mathematics.


If you decide to take Economics as secondary subject, you have to register personally within the registration period of the examination office of the economics department.

Further information and the deadlines can be found on the homepage of the examination office of the economics department. Please pay attention to the guidelines which are listed there.

Other secondary subjects

Requests for other than the standard secondary subjects may be approved by the examination board. Please send the request via e-mail to the Bachelor-Master-Office. To start with the secondary subject in the next term, the request must be made during the lecture period of the current term.

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