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Studying Mathematics at Bonn University

Mathematics in Bonn has a long-standing tradition and enjoys an established excellent reputation, in Germany as well as internationally. This reputation is not based on one or just a few areas of specialization in Mathematics, but rather on an impressing breadth of pure and applied mathematics offered in Bonn.

The department of Mathematics scores very well at the CHE-ranking. It belongs to the top group with regard to most of the criteria, among others “support during the study entry phase“, “international orientation master's”, “study organisation”, “courses offered”, “research orientation” and “third party funds per academic“. Furthermore, in 2007 Bonn university was awarded the first Cluster of Excellence in Mathematics in Germany, with an outstanding internationality which the students can profit from.

The huge variety of courses and seminars offered at all levels is one reason for Bonn’s attractivity. From the beginning of their studies students benefit from the wide range of mathematical topics on offer.

In a unique arrangement the coordinated beginners' courses of the Bachelor study program in Bonn convey extensive basic knowledge. Mathematical proficiency and methods can be applied in a secondary subject and in practical trainings.

After the study entry phase a broad variety of specializations is possible. The more advanced courses are constantly adapted to reflect current trends in research. There is also a broad spectrum of study projects for Bachelor or Master students and of demanding research projects for PhD students.

The quality of our exercise classes is important to us. Therefore our tutors can prepare themselves for their task in a tutors' training, where didactical methods are taught, impulses for reflexion on their didactic work are given, and mutual visits of the tutorials are planned. Thus we promote good learning conditions for our students in the exercise classes.

Last but not least Bonn university offers the teacher education study program in Mathematics, leading to the degree “Master of Education” (for 'Gymnasium' and 'Gesamtschule').

Study counselling

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Early study (FFF)

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Study abroad

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