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Statements of Graduates

Ioana Simon, M.Sc. Mathematics

Studying mathematics can often be frustrating, it can make you feel stupid at times, and in addition it is also very time-consuming. However, choosing to study mathematics has also been one of the best and most important decisions I’ve made in my life so far.

After finishing my Bachelor’s degree at the University of Heidelberg I chose to pursue myIoana Simon Master’s at the University of Bonn. I made this decision primarily because I was interested in discrete mathematics, a very active field of study in Bonn, but also because I had heard a lot of impressive things about how demanding studying mathematics there is.

You learn a lot when you study mathematics. Some things are more practical: methods and algorithms, proof principles, academic writing, and a few programming skills. Other things may not be written on your diploma at the end, but you still take them with you: critical thinking skills, the ability to sit and think through a problem without getting frustrated, and the knowledge that failure is also not the end of the world.

In the meantime I’ve started working as a Supply Chain Consultant, a job in which I can pursue my mathematical interests in my work as well. I can vouch for the fact that studying mathematics will prepare you very well for the working life. Also, math is just beautiful.

Alex Dyck, M.Sc. Mathematics

I decided to do my master's degree in mathematics with the university of Bonn as I already finished my bachelor's degree here and knew that I was at the right place. I spent some time with the thought of changing the location, but I did not find a better fit elsewhere.

Alex DyckAfter the solid education I have got in my three years during the bachelor's, I enjoyed the challenges and possibilities unfolding during the master's. The foundations, advanced and selected topics lectures did not only teach me state-of-the art mathematical concepts but also new and current results that were recently published. This experience was further strengthened by various practical labs I had attended.

This enabled all students to dive into novel research topics and participate progressively to a level of their desire which I really appreciated. I always saw eye to eye with my fellow students and lecturers. When I sought consultation, my individual plans were supported by supervisors and the Bachelor-Master Office.

All in all, I do not regret a moment of my choice to finish my master in Bonn. All concepts and ideas helped me to see the bigger picture and to work on the major and minor details for various problems. This enables me to deliver structured and innovative solutions in the industry. Also, I feel well-prepared to return to academia in different subjects.

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