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Application for the Hausdorff School: Formal Mathematics and Computer-Assisted Proving

Please send applications using the form below. Limited financial support for PhD students and postdocs may be available.

Applications will be considered until April 5, 2023.

To be considered for participation, a CV and Letter of Intent (1 page) are required, as well as the name and contact information of a potential reference. (At this time, do not request a letter of recommendation.) Only one document can be uploaded, so please combine all documentation into one PDF. All files must be pdf. Use short file names without non-latin and special characters (e.g. tilde ~, umlaut , ampersand &). Please do not upload password protected pdf-documents.

Please note: Everyone interested in participating - disregarding whether there is need for financial support or not - has to register so that the participation may be administered. Everyone will be notified in due time about whether participation and partial financial support is possible.

Each guest is captured in a database. This information enables us to send you a formal invitation. It is also for statistics and to facilitate payments, e.g., your home address is required by the Bonn University Administration for you to receive compensation or reimbursement.

Mandatory fields are marked with a star (*).

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