Universität Bonn

Hausdorff School: "Computational Combinatorial Optimization"

September 12 - 16, 2022

Arithmeum (Gerhard-Konow-Hörsaal, Bonn)

Organizers: William Cook (Waterloo) and Stephan Held (Bonn)

Description: Most combinatorial optimization problems, e.g. the travelling salesman problem, graph coloring, or the Steiner tree problem, have wide practical applications. Thus, a large research community is working on advancing the computational tractability of these mostly NP-hard problems. This Hausdorff School will provide the unique opportunity for PhD students and PostDocs to gain in depth knowledge from leading researchers in this area.


Key Speakers: The following speakers will give a lecture series:

  •  Armin Biere (Freiburg)
    • SAT solving I
    • SAT solving II
    • SAT solving III
  • Robert Bixby (Houston)
    • LP & MIP solving I
    • LP & MIP solving II
    • LP & MIP solving III
  • Petra Mutzel (Bonn)
    • Graph Coloring
    • Graph Similarity I
    • Graph similariy II
  • Eduardo Uchoa (Rio de Janeiro)
    • Column generation algorithms
    • Recent advances in exact algorithms for VRP
    • Modeling with VRPSolver

Application has been closed at the end of July, 2022. Late applications may be considered, please contact stefan.hartmann(at)hcm.uni-bonn.de in theses cases.

In case of questions, please contact the organizers at computational(at)hcm.uni-bonn.de.

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