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Doing a PhD with BIGS Mathematics

At BIGS, education through research at the highest level is the driving force of our efforts. Lecture courses and seminars at a high academic level, guest lecturers from all over the world, summer and winter schools, and workshops on recent developments create an inspiring, engaging and highly collaborative scientific atmosophere.

Program Structure

At BIGS Mathematics doctoral students work under the supervision of a professor on a research project leading to a PhD thesis as an independent piece of original research.

Graduate students are encouraged to acquire a solid background in the relevant areas of research by choosing from a large selection of courses and seminats offered by the math department. These courses include a diverse range of special topics courses that often confront student with current research in a given area.

In addition to working with their supervisor, students are also assigned a mentor who regularly checks on the students progress in the program and is a trusted source of advice.

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Teaching Areas

A: Algebra, Number Theory and Logic

B: Analysis and Differential Equations

C: Discrete Mathematics


D: Geometry and Topology

E: Numerical Mathematics and Scientific Computing

F: Stochastic

Additional Programs

BIGS students have access to a wide and very diverse range of activities, initatives and programs ranging from funding for research stay abroad and for junir researcher networking events to professionalization workshops and social events.

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