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25. January 2024

Ada Lovelace Prize for Vera Weber Ada Lovelace Prize for Vera Weber

The Institute for Numerical Simulation at the University of Bonn has awarded Vera Weber the Ada Lovelace Prize for the academic year 2022/2023. The prize was awarded for her master's thesis entitled "On aspects of discretization strategies with applications in imaging", which was supervised by Ira Neitzel.

Photo AdaLovelace-Preisverleihung.jpeg
Photo AdaLovelace-Preisverleihung.jpeg - The photo shows from left to right: Jürgen Dölz, Joscha Gedicke, Carsten Burstedde, the prizewinner Vera Weber, Michael Griebel, Ira Neitzel (next to the prizewinner), Barbara Verfürth, Martin Rumpf. © Farah Breiden / INS
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Vera Weber's master's thesis dealt with discretization aspects of the total variation regularization of optimization problems in mathematical image processing. The thematic breadth of Vera Weber's work is outstanding; in particular, aspects of various mathematical topics (functional analysis, optimization, numerics) are incorporated in the theoretical part of her work. The mathematically challenging concepts are exceptionally well described in her work and applied in the field of image processing. Furthermore, the thorough and clear presentation, especially the numerous and concrete literature references, should be emphasized. This is already the second award for Vera Weber, as she had already received the prize for the best bachelor thesis by a young female scientist in numerics in 2019.

The Ada Lovelace Prize for Female Mathematicians was established in 2010 by the Institute for Numerical Simulation at the University of Bonn and has been awarded annually ever since. The award serves to promote young women in numerics. The prize is named after the British mathematician Ada Lovelace (1815 - 1852). The prize is awarded for outstanding Bachelor's and Master's theses as well as dissertations. The prize money ranges from 500 euros for the best Bachelor's thesis to 1,000 euros for the best Master's thesis and 2,000 euros for the best dissertation by a young female scientist.

Further information on the Ada Lovelace Prize can be found at https://ins.uni-bonn.de/content/student-prizes.

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