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07. June 2024

Awarding of the Bachelor Prizes by the Bonn Mathematical Society Awarding of the Bachelor Prizes by the Bonn Mathematical Society

Once a year, the Bonn Mathematical Society (Bonner Mathematische Gesellschaft, BMG) awards a prize for outstanding Bachelor's theses in mathematics.

Students who have completed their Bachelor's degree by September 30 of the respective year will be considered. Two to three prizes for graduates of a mathematics bachelor's degree (including one female) and one for a graduate of the Bachelor's degree in mathematics education are awarded. The prize consists of a certificate and a monetary prize.

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The following students were awarded a bachelor's prize for outstanding achievements in the 2022/23 academic year:

  • Philip McKeever
    thesis: “Summen von drei quadratvollen Zahlen”
    advisor: Prof. Dr. Valentin Blomer

  • Paul Paschmanns
    thesis: “Single-Source Unsplittable-Flow“
    advisor: Prof. Dr. Vera Traub

  • Anne Weiß
    thesis: “Optimale polynomielle Approximation der Brownschen Bewegung”
    advisor:: Prof. Dr. Andreas Eberle

  • Julia Rötten
    thesis: “Magische Quadrate und Palindrome – Hinter der mathematischen Kulisse der Zauberei aus dem Buch von Ehrhard Behrends am Beispiel von ausgewählten Kapiteln”
    advisor: Dr. Thoralf Räsch
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