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Practical Information for HIM Guests

Once you have been invited to participate in a Trimester Program at HIM, or to visit HIM for a workshop, a conference or a school, you can find here all the practical information needed to prepare your stay at HIM and to make the most while at HIM in Bonn. We are looking forward to hosting you!

Useful Links

The Welcome Center is the central service point at the University of Bonn for international postdocs, visiting researchers and professors. They provide advice and practical support so you can get off to a good start in Bonn.

This calender shows all events concerning mathematics in Bonn. 

HIM does not maintain its own physical library, but you can access "MathSciNet" and "Zentralblatt". You have access to two physical resources:

Reference library in the Max-Planck-Institute. 

Departmental library at the Mathematik-Zentrum (MZ). 

You can receive access to both by providing your HIM or Uni Bonn ID.

University cafeterias are open to the public. There are different price categories for students, employees and all others. Please show your HIM or Uni Bonn ID to the staff of "Café Campo" within the "Campus Mensa Poppelsdorf", located next to the Mathematics Center, where you can buy a Mensa card for 5 EUR (refundable if you return it!) and you will receive the employee discount. 

The University of Bonn sports department offers a huge variety of sports activities in various facilities at low cost. You will need to buy a "Semester Card"; HIM guests are allowed to register as employees in order to profit from the low tariffs. Please provide your HIM or Uni Bonn ID.

Emergency Fire: +49 112
Emergency Police: +49 110
Emergency Ambulance: +49 112
Credit Card Freeze: +49 116 116
Medical Clinics: +49 (0)228 287 120 00
Children's Hospital: +49 (0)228 287 372 03
Key and Locksmith: +49 (0)177 822 5839  / +49 (0)157 354 3057 5
Taxi: +49 (0)228 555 555

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© BF

Arrival and Departure

The closest airport is Cologne/Bonn (CGN) (26 km). The express bus SB60 shuttles to and from the airport from Bonn city center. One ride takes approx. 30 minutes, and a one-way ticket costs approx. 7 EUR. For details see here. The bus terminal (ZOB) in Bonn is adjacent to the central railway station (Hauptbahnhof) in the center of town and very close to HIM.

The Institute is housed in two buildings on Poppelsdorfer Allee, 53115 Bonn. The office of the Director and the lecture rooms are in the Institute proper at Poppelsdorfer Allee 45. The administrative staff is across the street at Poppelsdorfer Allee 82, 2nd floor. Both buildings also house the guest offices. HIM is a non-smoking facility in accordance with federal law. Ashtrays can be found in the garden.

Please be in the building during the following hours ONLY: Mo-Fr 6 am to 11 pm / Sat-Sun 9 am to 9 pm. These hours might change upon notice. You will receive the door code from HIM staff by email. Please treat this code confidentially. Keep it separate from the Institute addresses to avoid misuse by unauthorized persons. The provided code may be used to open the entrance doors of both buildings via key pads next to the various doors. 

An alarm system has been installed (in all HIM facilities including both buildings, the backyard and the garage) that is automatically activated/deactivated at various times during the night. The corresponding times are mentioned on your desk. The alarm is triggered by movement and is equipped with silent transmission to Security. Non-observance of this injunction and a triggered false alarm will result in a penalty (EUROs).

Generally speaking, absences contradict the explicit purpose of your invitation. Unavoidable absences should be announced in advance (email to your respective programs coordinator with dates and purpose). Absences for scientific commitments of one working day per week are reasonable; longer absences may result in a reduction in compensation.

Health insurance is mandatory for all researchers and their family members accompanying them. The immigration authorities require proof of comprehensive health insurance when you apply for a visa.

For short-term stays (less than three months), a travel health insurance valid for the entire Schengen area (with a minimum coverage of EUR 30,000) is required. Where possible, this should be taken out in the applicant’s own country.

Please note that health insurance coverage needs to be valid from the very first day in Germany. First check whether your insurance at home covers medical and hospital expenses incurred during your stay abroad. The insurance company should confirm to you in writing that coverage is valid in Germany. Usually, this is only the case if there is a Social Security Agreement ("Sozialversicherungsabkommen") between Germany and your home country (information can be obtained from the authorities and health insurance companies in your own country). If there is no Social Security Agreement or if the insurance is not adequate, you will have to take out a personal (travel) insurance policy.

The "Fire Safety Regulations" are prominently displayed in each office. For your own safety, please take a moment to read through them. With your signature at Registration, you confirm that you have cognizance of the Fire Safety Regulations, their availability, and your responsibility to familiarize yourself with them.

We hope that you will have enjoyed your stay at HIM! Shortly before you are going to leave Bonn, we will send you a checklist to facilitate your departure. This will include the following:

  • Return the drawer key and headsets
  • Return your bike to the "Radstation"
  • Clear your work desk before you leave HIM
  • Leave your apartment tidy before you leave it
  • Return the apartment keys
  • Remember to save your electronic data on a USB device and take it with you

Your Stay at HIM

We offer complimentary refreshments to all trimester program guests each afternoon from Monday to Friday (except on bank holidays) around 4 pm on the ground floor at Poppelsdorfer Allee 45. You will also find a coffee machine and a water dispenser in the kitchen on the ground floor, which you are free to use!

Please note that your claim to a workplace coincides with the confirmed dates of stay within a (Junior) Trimester Program. Thank you for using the assigned office / desk only!

Every office in the Institute is equipped with Viewboards and a short instruction how to use them. For a live presentation, please contact the IT-support.

Thank you for refraining from consuming any food or beverages in the lecture halls. The lecture halls on the ground floor and in the basement may only seat a limited number of guests (up to 40 on the ground floor and up to 10 in the basement). The digital projectors are connected to a PC.

School and workshop lectures will be video recorded by default and made available on HIM Youtube portal after the speakers’ approval. Contact IT-Support of Popp 45 for assistance.

HIM does not have its own WIFI network, corresponding to the University of Bonn policy. You will have to use an EDUROAM account (only via your personal credentials, in connection to your home institution).  In case you do not have EDUROAM, please contact our IT-Support.

Office doors cannot be locked, but you can lock your valuables in the under-desk drawer. Keys are available from programs coordination against a refundable deposit. HIM accepts no responsibility for lost or stolen property.

HIM telephones allow outgoing calls within the University system and within the city limits of Bonn.
For internal calls within the University or HIM, just dial the four or five digit extension (your own extension can be found in the second row on your phone display (five digits, starting 62 . . . ). For city calls, first dial a zero in order to get an outside line, followed by the phone number.

Receiving calls
For calls from within Germany, your caller must dial: 0228 (area code for Bonn) – 73 (for Bonn University) - xxxxx (your extension). For calls from abroad, your caller has to dial the country code for Germany +49 followed by 228 73xxxxx (your extension). In some cases, the country code +49 is preceded by a number for international calls, e.g. from U.S.A. it is necessary to first dial 011 i.e., 011 49 228 73…

To receive Postal Mail or Parcels, you may use this address

HIM (1st line)
Attn: Your name (2nd line)
Poppelsdorfer Allee 82
53115 Bonn

Once we receive mail for you, we will inform you correspondingly.

Popp 45, ground floor, rear hallway between living room and lecture hall: There is a monochrome laser printer with duplex support.
Popp 45, ground floor, discussion room 5: There is a colour printer with duplex support. Not connected with the network, but directly to the computer in the room.
Popp 45, 1st floor, room 13: You will find a Xerox Workcentre (copy/print/scan to email/USB-Stick), a monochrome laser printer with duplex support, and a shredder.
Popp 45, 2nd floor, room 20:  There is a monochrome laser printer with duplex support.
Popp 82, 1st floor: You will find a Xerox Workcentre (copy/ print/scan to email/USB-Stick) in the kitchen.

Within the hallway of the Institute, there is a photo board with pictures of the HIM staff, and photos of guest researchers of the ongoing (junior) trimester program. We will be taking pictures tuesdays between 11:30 and 12:00 a.m. You are welcome to meet us in the fireplace room in the Poppelsdorfer Allee 45 at this time and your picture will be added to the board. 

In the basement of the Poppelsdorfer Allee 45 you will find a washing machine, tumble dryer, iron and ironing board for your use which you may use free of charge.

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Information for Trimester Program Participants

HIM offers you the possibility to propose workshops/seminars/lecture series on themes related to the trimester program. However, the scope, terms and conditions of these activities must first be discussed with the Director of HIM, whose approval is requisite. Programs Coordination offers organizational assistance.

You can make a request to invite short-term guests – your collaborators, co-authors, doctoral candidates, etc. Your respective programs coordinator offers organizational assistance.

HIM actively encourages you and your collaborators to provide preprints that have evolved as a result of the work done during your stays at HIM. Please put your preprint on the arXiv and inform public relations of HCM , who will add your article to the preprint list of the relevant Trimester Program on the HIM website. To add it on our website, a reference to the HIM trimester program and an acknowledgment to HIM and the DFG is necessary. To acknowledge support by the DFG, please include the following statement.

„... funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) under Germany ́s Excellence Strategy – EXC-2047/1 – 390685813.“

Before you leave Bonn, please take 15 minutes to complete a brief report for the official records of HIM. The template will be sent to you shortly before your departure. You may also contact your respective programs coordinator.

Please send your report here.

To improve our guests' chances of finding accommodation, HIM manages a limited pool of centrally located furnished apartments of differing sizes.  HIM apartments are primarily offered to HIM Trimester Program participants as well as guests from the HCM Research Areas. HIM apartments are reserved on a first come, first served basis. The housing agreements include all extra costs e.g. for water, electricity, heating, etc. Contact your respective programs coordinator to make a request (please keep in mind the deadline to submit requests). If applicable, please do not forget to indicate special needs such as accompanying persons etc. in your request.

Local regulations require the separation of trash into different categories and bins. Garbage collectors may refuse to empty the bins if the trash is not properly separated!  Here are some rules of thumb:

Residual waste - grey dustbin
all non-recyclable waste: fabric remnants, soiled paper, paper tissues, cord, rubber, vacuum cleaner bags, nappies, clay or ceramics, cigarette stubs, dust, ashes, strongly soiled material, cosmetic tissue, cooked food

no: biodegradable waste, electronic scrap, bulky waste, batteries

Recyclables – yellow dustbin

empty beverage packaging, plastics, aluminum foil, packaging labeled with green dot*, polystyrene, cans, metal screw tops, plastic wrapping

no: nappies, glass, paper wrapping, batteries

Biodegradable waste – green dustbin
fruit and vegetable peels, uncooked food, egg shells, coffee filters, flowers and pot plants, tea bags, nut shells

no: cooked food, plastics, wrappings, ashes, batteries

Paper – blue dustbin
newspapers, magazines, cardboard, paper wrappings, paper bags

no: plastics, food, foil, batteries

Glass – Altglas containers located all over the city
empty glass and glass bottles, sorted according to color (white, green, brown)

no: returnable bottles, corks, metal or plastic tops

Note: in supermarkets, you pay a refundable deposit on many bottled beverages, beer, milk, yoghurt, etc.

There is no refundable deposit on bottled wine.

Dispose of used batteries in special boxes in most supermarkets.

You may not find one of the above bins outside your building, because landlords are not required to provide the full range of dustbins (see info in your apartment)! Paper and plastics may be collected in boxes or bags, biodegradable may go into the grey dustbin. See here for more information.

You will receive the corresponding documents via HIM finances in due time. These must be signed, filled in and returned to initiate the payment process. Please note: payments are initiated by HIM, but executed by the Bonn University Administration.

The Radstation is an occupational training center under the auspices of the charity organization Caritas. The Radstation maintains, exclusively for HIM Trimester Program guests, a fleet of 30 serviced bicycles that accommodate gender and height.

Please read the Bicycle Brochure carefully for procedures, costs and liability before you contact the Radstation.

A folder with general apartment information (telephone number, location of trash bins, laundry unit etc.) and instructions for accessing the internet can be found in your apartment. If need be, there might be visits by our apartment inspector. Please also report defects here.

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