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The Hausdorff Center for Mathematics frequently organizes events for the general public to communicate the fascination of mathematics to a wider audience. Our portfolio includes public lectures series like the Mathematical Salon as well as science slams, math nights and somtimes even a mathematical circus. Events in memory of Felix Hausdorff are very important to us.

Current Events (in German)
13.04.24, 14 Uhr: Bonner Matheclub: Präsenz und online

Präsenz: Klasse 1-2, Klasse 3-4, Klasse 5-8
Online: Klasse 1-4, Klasse 5-8, ab Klasse 9

23.05.2024, 20 Uhr: Mathematischer Salon

mit Leila Schneps (Paris): "Forensic Mathematics : when calculations are used in trials"

07.-09.06.24: Mathefahrt nach Kaub

Dieses Mal geht es nach Kaub in die dortige Jugendherberge. Uns erwartet wie immer ein buntes Programm mit Mathematik, Spiel und Spaß.


Avatar Hartmann

Stefan Hartmann

PR manager, contact person for students and teachers, leader of the Bonn Math Club and the School Team
Avatar Räsch

Thoralf Räsch

Contact person for students and teachers, leader of the Early Studies Program FFF, and presenter of various events
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