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HCM Members Space

This Members Space contains important practical informations for HCM Members, as well as access to forms with which you can apply for travel funding, funding for inviting guests, for participation in selected BIGS and Early Career programs and initiatives or  request funding and support for organizing events. You can find the HCM statues and the application for (associate) membership at the bottom.

Travel and Guest Funding

HCM offers funding for business travel and for guest vists to its members and associated members.

Applications for funding through an Research Area (RA) or an Interdisciplinary Research Unit (IRU) are decided in consultation with the Research Area Leaders. When applying please make sure to select the correct RA, so your application can be forwarded accordingly.

If you have been offered personal funds from HCM for travel and guests - via your personal "Berufungszusage" (BZ), you can request to access your funds here as well.

If you do not belong to an RA or IRU, use the last form to request funding.

BIGS Funding and Early Career Programs

If you are a member of BIGS Mathematics, you can request funding for business travel here. You will need to secure approval from your supervisor prior to application. The applications will be forwarded to the BIGS Director for a decision.

If you are applying within the Global Math Exchange Program, or within the Young Reseacher Networking Program, you should first speak about your plans with the program coordinator. GME applications are decided by the BIGS Director within a couple of weeks. YRN applications have to be approved by the Board of Directors that meets once a month.

Funding and Support for an HCM Event

HCM funds and administratively support events of different kinds: workshops, lecture series, conferences etc. If you would like to apply for HCM funding for an event please use the application form on the right (exception: If you are interested in organizing a YRN use the respective form in the BIGS/Early Career Section above). All applications are decided by the Board of Directors at their monthly meetings.

If you have already secured HCM funding for your event, you can communicate what type of administrative help you would like us to provide and communicate your organizational needs and wishes via the second form. Please note that while we will try to accommodate your wishes, we will also need to be mindful of the relevant rules, the allocated budget and what is feasible within our constraints.

Useful Downloads

You can find some useful internal materials here.
If you have any questions about HCM policies or programs, please contact us!

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