Interested in Studying Mathematics?

Are you looking for a field of study that is fun? Are you looking for a field of study that challenges you intellectually? Are you looking for a field of study with good career prospects?
Then you should think about studying mathematics!

If you are interested in studying mathematics, but are not yet sure or do not know which course of study suits you, then you have come to the right place! Even without a high school diploma, you can already gain your first study experience with us in an early study program. After you have obtained the general university entrance qualification, you are eligible to apply for the specialized Bachelor's degree program or the teacher training Bachelor's program in mathematics.

The bachelor's degree is often followed by a Master's degree: In Bonn, you can apply for the Master's program Mathematics after completing the Bachelor's program Mathematik, or you can follow up the Teacher Training Bachelor's degree with the Master of Education.

Why Bonn?

There is a highly diverse range of courses offered in mathematics in Bonn. The study programs are research-oriented, and they are characterized by extensive elective options and a very good supervision ratio.

The University of Bonn is excellently positioned in practically all areas of mathematics. Since 2007, there has been a Cluster of Excellence in Mathematics with the Hausdorff Center for Mathematics in Bonn, and since 2017, the University of Bonn has been one of Germany's Universities of Excellence. Mathematics in particular consistently ranks very highly in global rankings.

Read what the students and graduates presented here have to say about their studies in Bonn!

Learn More About Your Studies

To enable prospective students to find out about potential studies, the University of Bonn offers various formats:

  • During the Taster Program in January/February, you can participate in selected events and gain an impression of the subject matter and style of the lectures.
  • On the Academic Advising Night, many academic advisors gather in the city center of Bonn on a Thursday at the end of June for an information market.
  • The Bonn University Days take place on two Saturdays in November. Many departments present the study course and the key contents of their degree programs.

The Degree Programs of Mathematics in Bonn

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Bachelor's Program Mathematik

The bachelor's degree program Mathematik is designed to be completed in three years and leads to the academic degree Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.), a first professional qualification.

Eine Wissenschaftlerin und ein Wissenschaftler arbeiten hinter einer Glasfassade und mischen Chemikalien mit Großgeräten.
© Volker Lannert/Universität Bonn

Teacher Training in Mathematics

The University of Bonn offers teacher training in the form of tiered Bachelor's-Master's programs. Mathematics can be combined with physics, computer science or biology, but also with many other subjects.

© Hausdorff Center for Mathematics

Master's Program Mathematics

The Master's program in Mathematics is a research-oriented program, designed for two years and leading to the degree Master of Science (M.Sc.). It is taught in English.

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Early Study

You are gifted in mathematics but still go to school? Then you can earn credits from regular courses in the FFF project (Fördern, Fordern, Forschen - encourage, challenge, research).

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You would like to transfer from another university or from another subject to mathematics in Bonn? If applicable, you can have your achievements credited and continue your studies with us.



You would like to support the financing of your studies with a scholarship? Search the scholarship overview of the University of Bonn for suitable funding opportunities!

Where Can You Work After Studying Mathematics?

Once you have successfully completed the Bachelor's or Master's degree program in mathematics, a wide range of career opportunities are open to you. Various industries offer mathematics graduates exciting fields of activity.

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