Organizational Notes for Studying Mathematics

You would like to

  • attend a course and get a place in an exercise group?
  • register for examinations?
  • know which secondary subjects you can choose in your mathematics degree program?
  • have study achievements from a semester abroad recognized?
  • submit your final thesis?

These and other questions about your studies are answered here. If you still have questions after reading our information, please contact us by e-mail.

PC-Pool And Printer

The PC pool in the annexe of the Mathematics Center is available for students to work on programming tasks. You can also use it to print out study-related documents.

Software Licence

As a student or teacher of mathematics at Bonn University, you can use certain Microsoft products free of charge as part of the "Azure Dev Tools for Teaching" partnership program between Microsoft and universities.

LaTeX Helpdesk

Working with LaTeX can sometimes be challenging. Therefore, the LaTeX Help Desk is offered by a tutor, in particular for students writing their Bachelor's or Master's thesis. It can be reached on eCampus or via e-mail to

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Start of Studies and Registration in the Department

For first-year students of all degree programs, there are special offers to support them in starting their studies.

At the beginning of your studies, you must register once in the department for the Bachelor's or Master's examination.

© Hausdorff Center for Mathematics

Recognition and Transfer of Credits

Were you an early student and would like to incorporate the modules you passed there into your studies?
Have you already studied at another university or in another subject?
Have you spent a semester abroad and successfully passed examinations there?

In such cases, you can have the relevant achievements recognized by us.

© VolkerLannert/Universität Bonn

Attending Courses and Registering for Examinations

Lectures, problem sessions, seminars and practical training courses each have their own rules for attending.

You must register for almost all examinations online via the BASIS system. No exam without registration!

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What to do when falling ill?

  • If you are ill on the day of an exam, you can excuse yourself with a medical certificate.
  • If you are unable to work on your thesis due to illness, you can also apply for an extension of the submission date with a medical certificate. The maximum possible extension is six weeks.
© Volker Lannert/Universität Bonn

Secondary Subject

A secondary subject is compulsory in the Bachelor's degree program Mathematik. At least 24 credit points must be earned in this subject.

In the Master's degree program Mathematics, you can decide for yourself whether you would like to study a secondary subject or not.

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Final Thesis

You must write a Bachelor's or Master's thesis in both degree programs. Your supervisor sets the topic, supervises your thesis and assesses it as the first reviewer.

Teacher training students can also write their thesis in mathematics.

© Volker Lannert/Universität Bonn

Completion of the Degree

You must apply for your final certificate at the latest at the end of the semester in which you have completed all requirements for your degree.

If necessary, we can certify your degree for the transition to a subsequent course of study or to a job before then.

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