Completion of the Degree and Exmatriculation

Have you completed your degree program? Congratulations!
If you have met all the requirements for completing your degree program, then apply for your final certificate.
  • You may still take examinations until the end of the semester in which you graduate.
  • In the following semester, you will no longer have access to the examinations in the completed degree program.

If you do not subsequently transfer to another degree program at the University of Bonn, you will be exmatriculated ex officio at the end of the final semester.

Completing the Study Program

You can check whether you have completed all the courses required for your degree using the requirements specified in the examination regulations. If this is the case and all grades have already been entered, you will also see your degree in BASIS.

To enrol at another university or to take up a position, you may need confirmation of your degree in advance, even if it is not yet visible in BASIS. The degree can be confirmed if

  • both advisors have confirmed that the thesis has at least been passed,
  • all further study achievements according to the examination regulations have been completed and documented in BASIS.

Students of the mathematics degree programs please request the confirmation of the degree by  e-Mail to the Bachelor-Master Office Mathematics.

Students in the teacher training programs should address their questions about graduation to the BZL.

IMPORTANT: Once you have completed a degree program, you are no longer entitled to take examinations in this degree program in the following semester, even if you have re-registered.

Preparation of the Final Certificate

Students on the mathematics degree programs must submit a request for the final certificate to the Bachelor-Master Office Mathematics.
The BZL is responsible for issuing final certificates for students in the teacher training programs.

As soon as all grades have been received so that your degree has been passed, you can (and must) make a request for your final certificate using the appropriate form.

  • Please enter all the modules that you would like to include in the degree and which should therefore be taken into account when calculating the grade.
  • Keep listing modules until the requirements of your degree program have been met and the number of credit points required for your degree has been reached or exceeded for the first time.

If you have earned more than the credits required for the degree, you can have (all or selected) modules that are not included in the degree listed under "supplementary modules" on your transcript.

  • Supplementary modules are not included into the calculation of the overall grade.

Please note for the transition from the Bachelor's to the Master's degree program:

  • Supplementary modules of the Bachelor's degree program can subsequently be credited in the Master's degree program, provided they are permitted there. This is independent of whether they were previously listed as supplementary on the Bachelor's certificate or not.

The overall grade is calculated from the credit point (CP) weighted average of the grades of the modules credited towards the degree.

  • Ungraded modules are not taken into account when calculating the grade.
  • Each module counts with all LP, it is not cut off at 180/120 CP.
  • Only the first decimal place after the decimal point is taken into account in the overall grade; the remaining places are truncated without rounding.

Please note that the average grade shown by BASIS may not yet correspond to the overall grade.

The degree diploma and final certificate are usually issued within four to six weeks of the request and the receipt of the final grades.

  • We will inform you by e-mail when the certificate is ready for collection.
  • If you are unable to collect the documents yourself, an authorized person can do this for you. In this case, we require an authorization signed by you (a scan is sufficient).
  • If this is also not possible, please provide us with a postal address for shipping within Germany.
  • For security reasons, we only send certificates by post to addresses outside Germany if there are compelling reasons for doing so.

You no longer need to be enrolled while you are waiting for your thesis or an examination to be graded or for your final certificate to be completed!


If you have lost your certificate or parts of it, it is possible to request a duplicate. To do so, please submit a written request for a duplicate to the Bachelor-Master-Office Mathematics. The request must contain the following information:

  • your complete name, your date of birth and your matriculation number (at Bonn University),
  • a list of the documents to be included in the duplicate (certificate, transcript, English translation of the certificate, diploma supplement),
  • a declaration that (and for what reason) you no longer have the above documents in your possession,
  • your original signature.

A fee is charged for the creation of a duplicate. You will receive a notification of fees from the University of Bonn upon receipt of your application.

Exmatriculation after Successful Graduation

Once you have successfully completed a degree program, you will be exmatriculated from this program at the end of the current semester.

  • You can either enroll in another degree program afterwards
  • or leave the University of Bonn.

If you want to continue your studies in Bonn in another degree program (e.g. after your Bachelor's degree in the Master's program Mathematics), then

  • you may need an admission for this degree program,
  • you need to have your degree transferred at the student registry.
  • To do this, you should have re-registered in good time.

If you no longer wish to continue your studies at the University of Bonn, you can:

  • ask the student registry for your de-registration and request a certificate of de-registration,
  • wait until you will be exmatriculated ex officio at the end of your final semester.

If the final certificate is not yet ready, you can request a confirmation of the degree at the Bachelor-Master Office Mathematics.


  • It is best to download a final transcript of records from BASIS before you exmatriculate.

Exmatriculation due to Loss of Examination Entitlement

The Bachelor's or Master's examination will be finally failed if a compulsory module is finally failed. This leads to the loss of the right to take examinations and to de-registration from the degree program.

In the Bachelor's program Mathematik, the loss of the right to take examinations and de-registration can also be caused by missing a certain deadline.

According to the examination regulations, registration for the first attempt at examinations for compulsory lecture modules must take place in the second year of study at the latest. This means:

  • You must register for the examinations in Analysis I, Linear Algebra I and Algorithmic Mathematics I in the 3rd semester at the latest.
  • You must register for the examinations in Analysis II, Linear Algebra II and Algorithmic Mathematics II in the 4th semester at the latest.
  • Failure to do so will also result in the loss of the right to take examinations and thus exmatriculation from the degree program.

Students who have finally failed the module examination in a compulsory lecture module of the Bachelor's degree program Mathematik can apply for a supplementary oral examination once (i.e. in one of the six modules) in order to pass the module after all.

If you fail a compulsory module in a teacher training program in mathematics, you cannot continue studying mathematics.

  • In this case, you can apply to the BZL for a change of subject and choose a different teaching subject instead of mathematics.
  • You can also find out from the BZL when you have lost your examination entitlement in the teacher training degree program as a whole.

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